All payments to us are securely paid through Paypal. Items shall not be shipped until full payment is received.


All items are sent first class Royal Mail. Delivery to UK normally takes up to three days depending on Royal Mail. Items sent worldwide normally do not arrive for at least seven days due to customs etc, please allow 1-5 weeks for worldwide orders to get to you.

Refunds and exchanges

If an item gets broken on it's way to you please let me know and I shall do my best to either replace or fix the item for you.

Do you accept returns if a customer just doesn't like a product?

In any other circumstance such as broken or missing item then yes, but if you just don't like the item then we cannot accept returns.

Do you accept returns if a product was damaged in shipping?

Yes. If the item has been damaged during shipping we will try to do our best to either refund or replace your item.

What do you do if a product doesn't arrive at the destination?

As with damages items, we do our best to either refund or replace the item you paid for.

Do you use tracking numbers when you ship?

We do not. Unfortunately with first class Royal Mail posting, you do not get a trackng number with it unless it's sent registered/signed for which costs a lot more.

Do you ship every day that you get an order - or maybe just once or twice per week?

We try to ship at least once a day, but sometimes it can take up to 7 days if the order is being custom made.